Frequently Asked Questions

MAEducation is a free platform that connects international students with universities and high schools in the US. Our goal is to ease your access to top institutions, reducing entry costs and issues throughout the admission process, making it in just 3 steps.

Simply. Click the button “Sign up” in the top right corner and fill out the basic questionnaire! You’ll decide if you are looking for a high school or university in the US.
Once you have registered, you’ll be able to upload any document from your phone through the mobile app or computer. MAE’s experts will review them to check if they are ok.
95% of the institutions we work with don’t have application fees. In case there is any fee, it will be always shown in the section “costs” on the institution’s page.
All our students will be considered automatically eligible for scholarships. If the institution requires additional information, you’ll be informed by MAE’s team of experts.
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