Paloma García de Fuentes

Bethany Lutheran College

Thanks to MAE I am living the best experience of my life. I have been able to move halfway around the world and meet the best people in the world. I am being also able to study one of the best elementary Ed majors in the State of Minnesota while playing in a very good conference. None of this would have been possible if MAE hadn’t helped me get in touch with my coach.

Martín Ugarte Ferrín

University of Central Arkansas

The experience with MAE has been very good from the first moment, I am very grateful for all the help and treatment received from them in a process that would have been very difficult if I had done it by myself. They have helped me both in finding the best college option and during the college and scholarship application process, as well as with all the paperwork involved.

Hugo González Escudero

Florida International University

Thanks to MAE, I have had the opportunity to live one of the most important experiences of my life. Living in the United States has helped me to mature, but, above all, to grow as a person. Undoubtedly, something that everyone should experience.

Javier Ruiz Bort

Adelphi University

MAE was the perfect connection between me and the universities, after taking some tests required by the universities, MAE selected 4/5 universities that fit my budget and my career. At the beginning, in my case, as I am not in any team I had to move alone at the beginning to meet new people. But the university facilitated this process thanks to the International program, where I met new friends; and I was also able to attend some events organized by the university. Even so, I have good physical conditions and I am going to try to get into some team of the university. The good thing about studying abroad is that every year is different, every year you get to know more and therefore create new friendships; as for the way of studying, I feel more identified with the American model of study, which is based on practice and not so much on theory.
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